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Wooden Crates & Export Case Making and Packing

Wooden packing case
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Wooden cases

Our wooden cases are custom-made by our staff on-site so each will be created for the items being shipped, offering the maximum protection in transit. The timber used to build the bespoke cases is all from approved suppliers that use wood from sustainable forests. All cases are marked accordingly to ensure a smooth passage through Customs.

“The crate and packing of my motorbike were both first-rate and I was very pleased with the fine condition that it arrived in. I will not hesitate to recommend you, nor would I hesitate to use your services in the future. Thanks again for all of your help in making this transaction very smooth.” Jon Sahl, New York

"Spectacular packaging!  We deal with shippers that span the globe and must say that you rank with the best, thank you so much for such a smooth process and quick turn-around." Ross Whalen, Canada.

Our custom-made wooden cases are professionally made from 6-18mm plywood with removable sides, affording your valuables maximum protection.

Forestry Commission sample stampAlban Shipping is registered with the Forestry Commission(GB) for the supply of ISPM15 compliant wooden cases which is implemented by countries and trading blocks worldwide. Our registration number ia GB-FC0624.

Stamps on all cases manufactured by Alban Shipping ensures we offer accredited wood packaging accepted by the country of import.

Cardboard and tri-wall casing

Tri-walled caseNo matter what size, we ensure all items are expertly packed to ensure 100% security. Quality single to tri-walled cardboard cartons, double boxed or hardboard lined ensuring your soft wrapped items further protection. Cartons can be sealed with staples for added security.

Packing a vase (below).

  1.The empty case, custom-made by our packing experts to accommodate the item. With protective foam inner. 2. The item is placed carefully in the mould. Extra bubble wrap is added for increased cushioning. 3. Secure and ready for transportation.

Cardboard packing 1 Cardboard packing 1Cardboard packing 1

Soft wrappings

Soft wrapping in bubble and acid free tissue, paper and bubble blankets for furniture. Kushioncraft and Jiffyfoam are just some of the lighter packaging products used.

Soft packingSoft packing

Foam Inserts

An extensive range of high-quality foam packaging material

If you’re transporting or sending valuables, Alban Cases has an extensive range of high-quality and specialised foam packaging products for different applications. On this page, we’ve featured just some of the ways we use foam lining packing, but for us every project is a unique bespoke solution, tailored precisely to our customers’ needs.

Versatile foam-lining

Foam lining packing is the ultimate protection for all kinds of shipments. It’s strong, versatile and clean; smooth dust-free and non-abrasive, as well as shock absorbing. And, if you’re unsure of the best type to specify, we’d be glad to recommend the best solution for your application.

Foam in Place

Offering one of the highest levels of cushioning and protection, foam-in-place is available.

Foam-in-Place Process

Foam is dispensed into a carton lined with high-strength film and a second sheet of film is placed over the product and more foam is dispensed to form a mould, see image below.

Foam moulding

A second sheet of film is placed over the product and more foam is dispensed. The customer receives their product undamaged. 
The foam moulding process
Foam moulding Foam moulding Foam moulding  
Examples of foam moulding. Click on the thumbmail to see an enlarged picture.
Foam moulding Foam moulding Foam moulding Foam moulding
Foam moulding Foam moulding Foam moulding Foam moulding
Foam moulding Foam moulding Foam moulding Foam moulding
To discuss your packing and case-making requirements, call us on(UK) +44 (0)800 612 5060 or (International) +44 (0)1582 493099, or contact us here for more information.
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